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Need a cleaner, dog walker, handyman, personal chef or any other local professional? Find the best, quicker than ever, with HJAELP.

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It's 2021! Why can't you hire a plumber, landscaper, or cleaner with just a few taps on your phone? Well, now you can. HJAELP gives you all the best local professionals, instantly accessible, in your pocket.

Sit back and relax – you've got HJAELP!

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Find the best local professionals

Don't settle for anything less than the best. With verified reviews, it's easy to find and book the very best in your area.

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Timing is everything. See when your HJAELPer is available and book them exactly when you need.

Pay safely and securely

Feeling of happiness, get to do what you love because the to-do list is all crossed off!

Introducing HJAELPCOIN

We're building a future where everyone can do the work they love and get paid for it, seamlessly. We believe local economies especially can benefit from the efficiency, security, and power of decentralized finance (DeFi). That's why we are building the best tools from DeFi into HJAELP – from loans, to credit, to insurance, and more.

Join us to empower local economies with the financial tools of the future, today.

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HJÆLP let me discover all the services in my area, I really like this application, super fast and efficient !


Wow, Hjaelp app was so easy to use and the professional I found was amazing. It's so easy to get stuff done now, i'm able to spend more time with my family. Finally feels like the 21st century has arrived!


I booked a handyman to repair the leg of my table, he was there in just a few hours, very nice. I highly recommend!

HJAELP was built by digital natives and experienced entrepreneurs passionate about making it easier for you to get stuff done. We make sure that every customer has a great experience, and we're always here to support you if you ever need.


Founder, CEO & Pre-seed Investor


Co-founder & CTO


Co-founder & CPO

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Frequently asked questions

Where is HJAELP available ?

We've launched in Copenhagen but plan to expand rapidly to the rest of the Nordics and from there, around the world! Check the app to see if there are professionals listed in your area.
If not, hang in there – we're coming to you soon!

What services can I find on HJAELP ?

Here's a list of our most popular services, but there are many more you'll find on HJAELP!
- Home cleaning
- Dog walking / pet care
- Handyman
- Massage therapy
- Personal chef
- Gutter cleaning
- Landscaping & lawn care
- Plumbing
- Electrical
- Heating installation, repair & maintenance
- Air conditioning installation, repair & maintenance
- HVAC services
- Furniture assembly
- Painting

Can I pay a professional through HJAELP if I found them through another platform  ?

Yes! Just send them this link to create their HJAELP profile, and they will be able to send you the link to book their service through HJAELP. That way, you can get the benefits of HJAELP's secure payment system even if you already found the professional you want to work with.

Is HJAELP free ?

Yes, HJAELP is completely free for customers! But well, we are a business after all – so how do we stay alive? We take a small 10% fee on all payments collected by professionals through HJAELP, and the rest goes directly into their pocket.

Is payment through HJAELP secure  ?

Payment through HJAELP is more secure than any other method of payment. When you hire a professional through HJAELP, you pay with your credit card and HJAELP holds your funds in a secure account. Then when the project is done to your satisfaction, you tap a button to release the funds to the professional. If you're not satisfied with the work done, or the professional did not complete the work, you can receive your money back. This gives your professional peace of mind, while at the same time protecting you 100% in case a professional's work doesn't meet your expectations.